Looking for ideas?

Congratulations to all those who have registered so far! Weve even received some completed texts already.

Here are some ideas to keep you inspired.

Collection Page - National Gallery of Canada

First, find your art piece and describe it precisely, without any preconceived ideas. Then, explore one of the following ideas:

·         This picture is unhappy, it doesnt get enough attention at the museum. It complains, tells you all its problems, nobody likes it Let the picture talk.

·         This art piece has a secret story. It has traveled a lot, maybe it was stolen

·         You have the same picture at home! Maybe the one you have at home is Tell us the rest.

·         Give the voice to the some people/ or someone looking at the artwork.

·         Whats going on at night in the museum? Write a fantasy novel

This is only a start. There are so many possibilities just as there are so many works of art. Even if you choose one of these ideas, everyone has his/her own style.

Take up your pen! We will enjoy reading all the short stories. Dont be afraid if you dont get to 9000 signs (characters including spaces). Shorter is often better!

And remember, you have until December 31st to register.

Bye for now

Les plumes d'ici et d'ailleurs 

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